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Lois and Clark; S01E19 ~ Robert Beltran
Molly and Minerva
So, I had intended to cap Kate Vernon in Voy, but VLC kept rejecting my Trek DVDs *grrr*. So to cheer myself up I decided to watch/cap Robert Beltran's appearance on Lois and Clark: New Adventures.

RB playing a bad guy? *griiin*

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He looked so ugly in that ep. And I can't believe that this was shot only a few months before Voy *shakes head*
Cause in Voy=yummy, in L&C=not so much. But maybe RB has a disadvantage in L&C cause I only ogle Dean Cain (or Teri Hatcher, lol) and don't have time to ogle RB , hmm *gg*

Really? I kinda think the opposite. Not that he looks ugly in Voy, but that I think he looked better in this. But then again, Chakotay isn't exactly my biggest draw to voy, lol.

And *lol* True words, he never stood a chance. I used to be totally in love with Dean when I was younger &hearts &hearts &hearts

Though not the best he could be wearing, tbh.

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